Royal Victoria Hotel Pisa: A Day of Burraco for Solidarity

Pisa, March 4, 2024 – The prestigious Royal Victoria Hotel in Pisa had the honor of hosting, on March 3, 2024, a unique burraco event dedicated to supporting the noble causes pursued by the Nicola Ciardelli Association OdV Ets. Nearly 100 players enthusiastically participated in this tournament, once again demonstrating the power of the community when it comes together for a charitable cause.

The president of the Nicola Ciardelli ODV Association, Federica Ciardelli, expressed her gratitude: “We thank the Piegaja family and all the staff of the Royal Victoria Hotel in Pisa for hosting us. It was truly an honor and a pleasure to be able to hold this tournament in an environment so open and aligned with our own values, to support our pediatric oncology project in Kosovo that we have been following since 2007. We provide support to doctors, to the less affluent families who otherwise could not afford the care their children need; we have opened a guest house for those who come from the most devastated areas of the country. There will also soon be other activities in the area to promote the culture of peace. Finally, heartfelt thanks also and especially to all the people who decided to help us by participating in this Burraco tournament, won with a score of 70 points by Serafina Cristiano and Tiziana della Latta.”

Nicola Piegaja, a representative of the hotel’s owning family, shared his enthusiasm for the initiative: “Today in the Edoardo Gelli museum hall, the first Burraco tournament in the hotel’s history took place. We feel particularly happy to have been involved in projects like this as the Piegaja family, but it also extends to our collaborators who have taken this initiative to heart. The personal history of our family makes us particularly sensitive to initiatives like this, which support cancer research and care. We are happy to have contributed to this cause and hope that this is just the beginning of a long series of similar events.”

The commitment of the Nicola Ciardelli ODV Association in Kosovo is a shining example of how solidarity can make a difference in the lives of many, especially children affected by serious illnesses. Since the foundation of the Association in 2007, in collaboration with the Cure2Children Foundation, the lives of over 1000 children have been saved, thanks to the transfer of medical skills and the creation of a dedicated healthcare facility.

The event at the Royal Victoria Hotel symbolizes not only a fundraising opportunity but also a testimony to how commitment, solidarity, and community can come together for a common cause, leaving a positive mark on society.

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