Musical Treasure Hunt: “In Search of Giacomo Puccini in the Splendor of the City of Pisa” at the Royal Victoria Hotel

On May 19, 2024, Pisa hosted a unique and engaging event: the musical treasure hunt “In Search of Giacomo Puccini in the Splendor of the City of Pisa.” Organized by the Bonamici School of Music with the contribution of the Pisa Foundation, this event saw the enthusiastic participation of numerous children and families.

The Royal Victoria Hotel was one of the privileged stops on this fascinating journey, guiding young participants to discover the historical sites of Pisa related to the life of the famous composer Giacomo Puccini. During their visit to our hotel, the children had the opportunity to admire the portrait of Puccini housed in one of our elegant rooms. This moment allowed them to get even closer to the figure of the composer, thanks also to the presence of several musical instruments on display.

Moreover, the participants were able to learn interesting historical details, including the connection between the family of Nicola Piegaja and the Puccini family, thus enriching their cultural and musical experience.

During the various stages of the game, the children met groups of musicians who performed Puccini’s most famous opera arias, transforming the treasure hunt into an unforgettable sound journey.

The Royal Victoria Hotel is proud to have contributed to the success of this initiative, promoting culture and music among the young and celebrating Giacomo Puccini’s legacy in the splendid setting of the city of Pisa.

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