ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL - 12 lungarno Pacinotti - 56126 Pisa, Toscana +39 050 940 111
Crossing the entrance of the Royal Victoria Hotel, even just for a simple stay in Pisa, will prove to be an unexpected experience since, approaching the characteristic reception of the hotel along the flooring of the hall, we will record a particular discordant note: our shoes modern. Only then will it be understood that he has left the Today behind him, to proceed in a light and an environment of other times and to be immersed in the authentic Liberty.
As the oldest active hotel in Europe, the Royal Victoria bewitches us and seduces us with its peculiar structure. Having as its founding nucleus, this also testified by the presence of an ancient tile visible from the outside and taken up for the hotel logo, the Torre dei Vinajoli on which the Florentine Marzocco was hoisted in 1406 and which is with certainty already "Locanda" in 1428, the architecture of today's building developed also incorporating the ancient Palazzo del Vigna, two tower houses from the 12th century and an 18th century building.
Owned by the Piegaja family since 1837, Royal Victoria has seen so many celebrities from all over the world alternate in its rooms, heads of state, Nobel laureates, members of the government, royal offspring, writers, actors, explorers that we saw ourselves forced to dedicate a part of the site to them, just to highlight how much these Presences also contributed to raising Royal Victoria to an important element in Pisan historiography.