ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL - 12 lungarno Pacinotti - 56126 Pisa, Toscana +39 050 940 111
Pasquale Piegaja, a member of a rich family of landowners from Lucca, graduated from the University of London and, well introduced to society, first began to accompany English aristocrats to discover Tuscany thus, providing them with appropriate structures, including his own villa.
He soon understood and took up the opportunity to start his own business in this sector, starting in 1837 the dynasty of passionate hoteliers, acquiring the Palazzo Del Vigna-Aulla together with some surrounding buildings, now the Royal Victoria Hotel. From the beginning, he managed to create a structure of high level of hospitality, with services worthy of the elite range of customers who soon started to attend the hotel.
Between 1896 and 1904, thanks to Domenico Piegaja, important renovations were started which, while maintaining the old style, adapted the comfort to the levels of the time, with electric light, running water, heating, the lift and the telephone. After five generations, today it is Maurizio and Nicola Piegaja who follow the family tradition of hospitality with an always careful look at the future.